Liz gained her first qualification in specific learning difficulties in 1996 when she worked as a teaching assistant within infant, junior and secondary schools in Cambridgeshire and Oxfordshire. Moving to Suffolk in 2000 she continued her mission. When working at her eldest son’s secondary school she realised that school was not the place for him to learn and so with the necessary permission, she educated him at home. 

Later on, Liz moved to work part-time for Suffolk and Norfolk County Councils in a workplace role helping individuals to reach their potential in English and Maths for their workplace NVQs. It was at that time she became involved with the Armed Services.

She has been working with the Armed Services since 2001 where she saw her main aim as ‘to prove that by identifying and supporting those with specific learning difficulties through their basic training, they could be enabled to reach their goal and have very successful careers’. In the past these men would have left the Service because nobody knew how to support them. She also works with members of the staff team who may need support after discovering that they themselves have a specific learning difficulty.

A few years ago she decided that she would like to gain some qualifications in specific learning difficulties and to become a Specialist Teacher. She attended courses in Cambridge where she met Duncan. Together they formed Dyslexia Assessment and Training Services which has been successfully assessing and supporting people since 2007.



Liz Currell has first hand experience of dyslexia and SpLD’s as she and her 3 sons all have dyslexia of varying degrees along with some dyspraxia (DCD), dyscalculia and Meares-Irlen syndrome.

Since 1987 when her eldest son was born, she has seen at first-hand how those with specific learning difficulties can have a tough time both starting and coping with  school, particularly when not offered the right support. It has been Liz’s mission to ensure as many people get to know the difficulties that everyday tasks present to individuals with SpLD’s and how to help and support them.

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Duncan Davies has been a lecturer in special needs working in special education for over 20 years. Working as a tutor and lecturer to students with wide ranging learning difficulties, he has great experience supporting individuals and their families. In recent years he has specialised in the field of SpLD and is qualified to assess and teach students with dyslexia, dyspraxia, etc. His college teaching experience has seen him undergo wide ranging teaching and training to work with individuals with ADHD, Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Fragile X Syndrome, Williams syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, etc.

His assessment experience ranges from access arrangements, diagnostic assessments and screenings to assessments for Disabled Students Allowance purposes. A full member of the Professional Association of Teachers of students with Specific Learning Disabilities (Patoss) and the Suffolk Dyslexia Association, Duncan holds a current Accredited Practicing Certificate (APC) and undergoes regular training updates.



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